If you are able to drop everything and travel imminently there is an opportunity to make to most out of some recently cancelled rods at Estancia Maria Behety which is one of the best lodges on the Rio Grande.

Estancia Maria Behety 2024 Last Minute Space

March 9 – 16, 1 rod
March 16 – 23, 4 rods

Cost: US$3,750 50% discount

The pricing and availability is for a 7 night, 6 day stay and on an all-inclusive basis (including local alcohol). Single rooms are usually available for a surcharge of US$500 (limited amount of single rooms available).

Prices do not include international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost: US$300.

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Focus on Estancia Maria Behety

From the border with Aurelia Lodge on the middle reaches of the Rio Grande Estancia Maria Behety owns the entire length of the left bank to the estuary. Such a commanding position helps highlight why many count this as one of the best lodges on the river. Anglers at Estancia Maria Behety rotate through the premier pools of the lower and middle beats of the river, which have historically been the most prolific. With access to more than 102 pools, the lodge can focus on the best water according to the current conditions, which is a huge advantage early in the season when fish are running. These pools fill with chrome bright sea trout, with each high tide twice a day. Estancia Maria Behety offers the complete Rio Grande experience as anglers who stay cover a wide range of water types and fishing situations during their stay.

Over the years, Estancia Maria Behety has developed one of the most experienced guide teams on the river. The guide team of six know all the pools intimately and have an excellent grasp of all the techniques needed to target these sometimes finicky fish. All of the guides at the lodge are local Argentine guides who have grown up in Patagonia, targeting trout and sea trout since they were young. They are all charming and speak very good English.

For the combination of great fishing and an incredibly comfortable lodge, Estancia Maria Behety offers one of the best value options on the river, one reason that many rods return year after year. Many travel to Estancia Maria Behety because fishing the Rio Grande is on their bucket list but rarely do they only go once as planned. This is a testament to the fact that the lodge does everything very well, from the great fishing and guide team to the food and hospitality.

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The Lodge

Estancia Maria Behety Lodge sits on a promontory overlooking the Rio Grande. It has spectacular panoramic views of vast pampas and the remnants of the Andean cordillera framing the background. Located upstream from La Villa EMB is part of the same estancia owned by the Menedez family. It is the larger of the two lodges with eight double occupancy rooms that take twelve rods and a maximum of sixteen guests.  

The main room is timber-framed and features 20 foot plus high ceilings with banks of tall windows that allow light to flood the room. A roaring fireplace and several sitting areas provide the perfect place to relive the fishing of the day and relax with delicious appetizers and a cocktail. A full bar is well stocked with all the proper libations, including the finest Argentine wines and plenty of cold beer.   

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For more information please contact Olly Thompson or Peter McLeod or phone 01980 847 389