The Chilean Fjords

The remote fjords in Chilean Patagonia represent the country’s ultimate frontier. Now, you can explore the rivers originating from the Andes Mountains and flowing into the expansive, tranquil inland sea along the southern coast of Chile. The fishing area is completely inaccessible by road, making it one of Chile’s most scenic and captivating places. This location offers a unique and unparalleled setting with pristine waters and untouched forests. Many of these rivers remain untouched, with uncharted territories waiting to be discovered. Travelling through this remote wilderness offers more than just a fishing experience. Anglers also have the chance to observe abundant sea life, including sea lions, penguins, forest and marine birds, and Chile’s rare five-foot black dolphin.

Chile, Trout Fishing, Chilean Fjords, Aardvark McLeod

The Boat

A fully equipped 90-foot-long boat powered by twin diesel engines is used to explore this wild and secluded area. The boat features spacious exterior decks, salons, and dining areas, all offering excellent views. Passenger staterooms, equipped with private baths and showers, provide comfort during the journey. The crew of five members has their own separate accommodation and bathing facilities. The yacht also includes dedicated areas for fishing equipment on the aft deck, along with expansive front and upper decks for wildlife observation.

Chile, Trout Fishing, Chilean Fjords, Aardvark McLeod

The Fishing

Enjoy a week-long fishing adventure exploring more than half a dozen rivers, each offering exceptional fishing for both resident and sea-run wild rainbow and brown trout and the chance of silver salmon. The fish in this area are notably robust and sizable, typically weighing 5 to 8 lbs on average. The largest trophy fish caught so far tipped the scales at an impressive 25 lbs, although it’s worth noting that plenty of other big fish have been lost as they are very challenging to land.

Chile, Trout Fishing, Chilean Fjords, Aardvark McLeod

The boat serves as the ideal mode of transportation, granting access to rivers that are inaccessible on foot and that are fishing best according to current conditions. After anchoring, hard-bottomed inflatable tenders are used to reach the river mouth and from there the day is dedicated to wading upstream. As the day concludes, you will either return downstream by the river or traverse through the jungle.

Given the high concentration of fish, anglers progress upstream at a leisurely pace, and interestingly, some of the best fishing spots are not far from the river mouth. Safety is a priority, and the guides maintain continuous radio contact with the boat and the rest of the group. While the adventure is not classified as extreme, those seeking a more exploratory experience can opt to venture further upstream into unexplored areas.

Chile, Trout Fishing, Chilean Fjords, Aardvark McLeod

You will explore and fish in 8 to 10 rivers throughout the week. Some rivers are longer, allowing for extended walks upstream, while others are shorter, and you will only fish close to the mouth. Being boat-based means the guides can adjust to conditions, ensuring you can stay longer if a river is particularly productive. Flexibility becomes critical when you can move your “lodge.”

Underlining the fact that the fishing location is completely unreachable by road enhances its appeal as one of the most picturesque places in Chile. Beyond the remarkable fishing experience, the surrounding environment is truly magnificent. Towering mountains emerge from the ocean, draped in temperate rainforests that stretch almost up to the snow line. With pristine waters and untouched forests, this setting unmistakably offers a distinctive and unparalleled fishing experience.

Availability January 12 – 18 2025

The boat takes a maximum of four rods only and as the season is short availability is rare but we have been able to hold space for an excellent week during the 2025 season.

If you would like more information and prices on this unforgettable fishing holiday to Chile please contact Olly Thompson or call the office on +44(0)1980 847389.