As the rivers swell with the surging rush of spring rains, the hearts of fly fishing enthusiasts collectively sink. Mayfly season, a cherished time marked by the dance of large visible insects on the water’s surface , teeters on the brink of disappointment. High water levels threaten to wash out the season’s promise, leaving anglers longing for the highly exciting and visual moments they’ve come to cherish.We do have some last minute Mayfly premier availability a lot of the test has a delayed start being 1st June.

18th May 2 rods Test Wherwell Estate

22nd May 3 rods Test Testcombe

30th May 5 rods exclusive Testcombe

But amidst the uncertainty, there lies a glimmer of hope. September, with its whispering promises of longer days and balmy evenings , holds the potential for an unforgettable fly fishing experience. For those willing to look beyond the setbacks of Mayfly season almost being washed out, September beckons with the allure of late evenings filled with the sound of the glooping rise of trout.

While the ebb and flow of this wonderful weather we have had over the past six months, seasoned anglers understand that patience is rewarded tenfold on the river. High water levels may deter some, but they also serve as a precursor to the bountiful days that lie ahead. As the rivers recede and clarity returns, the stage is set for September to emerge as a beacon of opportunity for those eager to have another chance on the river.

Picture it: the soft glow of the setting sun painting the sky in hues of gold and amber, the rhythmic sound of water flowing gently over smooth stones, and the anticipation that hangs thick in the air. September evenings offer a chance to catch large trout as the begin to ready for winter in what I believe is the second chance after Mayfly they have to really put some weight on ,Large sedge flies almost as much fun as large mayfly patterns all part of fly fishing.

But seize the moment, for opportunities like these are fleeting. As word spreads of September’s potential, dates on the calendar fill up quickly. Anglers from far and wide are drawn to the promise of September’s late evenings, eager to partake in the magic that awaits on the water.

So, dear angler, heed the call of September’s siren song. Embrace the anticipation that comes with the changing of the seasons and book your dates now before they slip away. For in the stillness of a September evening, amidst last frenzy of trout rising and eating before winter arrives , lies the promise of an unforgettable fly fishing experience.

In the face of adversity, true enthusiasts find opportunity. Mayfly season may falter, but September stands ready to deliver a spectacle unlike any other. With each cast, each rise, the magic of fly fishing is reignited once more.

So gather your gear, prepare your flies, and set your sights on September’s horizon .For more information, further mayfly fishing 2024 availability or to book one of these days please do not hesitate to contact Justin Hancock or Alex Jardine, alternatively you can call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.