On Saturday night the first episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 aired on the BBC which had most trevally fishermen hanging on the edge of their seat! Back in 2011 some of the FlyCastaway guides on Farquhar began witnessing an extraordinary phenomenon centred around Goulette Island on the south eastern edge of Farquhar. (The full story can be found in the chapter on Farquhar in my book, GT – A Fly fishers Guide to Giant Trevally). Here there is an enormous nesting colony of sooty terns that hatch in the Autumn and the local population of giant trevally have cottoned onto this as a good food source.

Finally this amazing sight has been captured on film by the BBC and the footage is nothing short of breathtaking. We hope you enjoy it! Click HERE for the latest Farquhar availability.

Some of you may have seen a fly fisherman on Farquhar figure out how to use local materials to mimic the prey on this video:

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