We often see competitors boasting that they don’t hide extras and include things such as flights in their pricing on their webpages. Others proceed to note how they only price in GBP. We don’t do either, with the sole reason being that by not doing so you benefit, and, perhaps most importantly, get a totally tailored and personal service from us – not a one cap fits all.

Flights Not Included

Unless there’s a private charter flight included as an integral part of the package e.g. the flight to Alphonse Island in the Seychelles or to the lodges at Tsimane in Bolivia then we never include cost of the flights in our pricing. Why is very simple. First of all how do we know where you live? What airline you prefer to fly with? Do you have airmiles with a specific airline you want to use? What class would you like to fly in? Take all these factors into consideration; would we be offering a personal and tailored service if we offered a set price for a package? This is exactly why we do not offer the flight costs as part of the package as standard. However, we will offer to secure flights for you and will gladly work out the best schedules for you according to your individual needs.

Why do we price in foreign currencies?

We too would prefer to have all our prices in one currency. However, we are dealing with numerous countries and lodges across the world and, as a result, numerous currencies come into play. We always list our prices in the price quoted by the lodge – you will never pay more through us compared to booking direct and by listing in the same currency you always have this transparency. Indeed, since we give you a better exchange rate than your bank and our competitors you will end up paying less – even compared to booking direct. Beyond that, you will be bonded and have full financial security as part of our service at no extra cost.

Furthermore, by advertising in the currency dictated to us by the lodges we can allow clients the choice of paying in that currency, should they wish. However, we do have a USD, Euro and GBP bank account, so the choice is very much yours. By keeping the pricing to that dictated by the lodge we can also help you capitalise fully on exchange fluctuations. For example, if we were to set our package rates at the start of the year when prices are first released, as some of our competitors do, what then happens if the GBP strengthens against that currency? Quite simply you would lose out, but not with us.

Why book with us?

Still not sure what sets us apart from the competition? Please read our Why Book with Aardvark section for more information about our exceptional trips.