The expansive Farquhar Atoll sits 1 hour and 45 minutes’ flight south west of Mahé in the Seychelles. The atoll, whilst known to the fly fishing community for a long time, hit the world’s awareness with the Blue Planet film of bird eating giant trevally. Whilst the GTs are impressive, for the focused saltwater flats angler there is so much more on offer in addition.

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12 to 19 April 2023

Single and shared room options currently available.

Farquhar GTs

Farquhar continues to hold its feel and reputation as a hardcore fishing operation although the new lodge has added extra comfort along with excellent food and service. Accommodation is simple, anglers are housed in three separate duplex style chalets, each with two rooms containing twin beds as standard. The rooms have A/C and ensuite bathroom with an outside shower. The original building is now the hub of the island and the focal point for meals, drinks and general fishing chatter.

The Farquhar Atoll is a much larger than Alphonse and St Francois, and the guide team is outstanding and at the top of their game. Nearly all the fishing is wading, often up to your waist in water hunting GTs on the flats. There can be some long walks in the day but the flats hold some fascinating species such as golden trevally and bumphead parrotfish tailing in schools. Farquhar has a well deserved reputation for its bumphead parrotfish and is one of the few places where you realistic chances of landing one. The fishing is hugely varied and there are many species to target aside from GTs, from bonefish to triggerfish, bumphead parrotfish and even sailfish. Despite the fact that Farquhar has been fished for a long time, it still feels wild and unexplored.

There are some areas on Farquhar such as First and Second island on the west coasts that have petrified coral, but much of the rest of the atoll is comprised of big open turtle grass flats such as Green Mile (bit like Boca Grande at Jardines de la Reina) or the sand flats and island at Depose Island on the south western point which is very special. It’s a little like Wizard island on Cosmoledo.

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There is big sand spit that come out known as “Have” which is great steak out point on a tide rip. The eastern side of the atoll drops down from the corally north point at “Paris to Dakar” through the Manaha Gaps (great spot for big ocean bonefish) and then the “ Long Walk”, an awesome 9 km stretch of raised beach edge dropping down to a 300 metre edge which is very similar to the Korean Wreck area on the south coast of Xmas Island if you fished that? You can spot the fish from the higher vantage point and then run down to intercept while the guide spots. It’s a bit like someone took sections of lots of different fisheries and put them all together on this one Atoll.

For specific pricing for this week on Farquhar Atoll and a detailed itinerary please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Chilcott or Peter McLeod or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.