We are pleased to bring you the new film from Patagonia that shows the truth behind salmon farming and would greatly appreciate it if you would watch it.

The truth about farmed salmon… and the consequences we can no longer ignore

Today, the farmed salmon industry is booming in Norway, Scotland and Ireland,
as well as growing rapidly across the pristine fjords of Iceland. Massive open
net pens hold thousands of farmed fish, allowing the free flow of disease and
pollution into the surrounding environment, where wild salmon and sea trout

struggle to survive.

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Without restrictions, the farmed salmon industry will keep growing unchecked,

despite a lack of transparency and regulation.
Now is a pivotal moment for salmon farming in Europe.

This year, in Iceland, a new Bill of Aquaculture will be delivered. The bill has the
potential to implement greater environmental regulation and higher standards,
and potentially phase out open net pens – a signal to the industry across Europe
and around the world that things are changing, and it needs to tidy up its act.

What’s going on in Iceland?

The open net salmon farming industry is growing rapidly, across Europe and in Iceland. It is responsible for driving wild salmon to extinction, polluting Iceland’s pristine coasts and mistreating the farmed animals. The wild North Atlantic salmon population is now a quarter of what it was in 1970. In 2024, the Icelandic government has the opportunity to transform the conversation about salmon farming across Europe. New aquaculture legislation, due to come into force this year, if passed by Iceland’s parliament, Alþingi, will set the rules and regulations for salmon farming. It has the power to protect nature, the welfare of farmed fish, and the future of wild salmon, as well as the tourism and small-scale fishing that much of the Icelandic economy is built upon. With 70 percent of Icelanders opposed to open net salmon farming, we are joining hands and calling on the Icelandic government to show leadership in Europe by banning open net salmon farms.