This is a visual tail of two islands and that rare combination, a couple who are also great fishing partners and are absolutely passionate about their saltwater fly fishing. Their recent trip started on Desroches where  Maria landed a beautiful sailfish on fly.

Leaving Desroches behind, the intrepid duo moved across to Alphonse and picked up with the most amazingly coloured Indo Pacific permit that I have ever seen and which features in a previous post on the blog but which is included again below because it is a magnificent fish … and two very happy men.

Fishing is fishing; we have all had days when nothing seems to go right but there also those days where everything comes together and that is what happened with one epic day out.  Fishing the waters around St Francois atoll, the day saw 4 GTs, a black GT and a sailfish all brought to the boat by Maria along with 2 GTs landed by Joern.  Captain and crew, Ryan and Jeff were smiling as broadly as their charges and probably all still are; quite rightly thinking back on a truly outstanding and memorable day.

Bringing two GTs to the boat, caught on the fly, at the same time is not something that we see very often but judging by the week that they had had, I really shouldn’t have been surprised when the following photo arrived of their double hook up.

In spite of all of the above, and the other species that they landed during the week, the biggest catch of the trip was Joern’s: he proposed on Desroches on Valentine’s Day, with a beautiful ring given on the stem of a red rose.  Many congratulations from us all ………………

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