Charlotte Chilcott


Growing up in Malawi has left Charlotte with an unshakable love of travel and for searching out the little known and unexplored areas of Africa. Having spent several years as a systems analyst for Lloyd’s for London, Charlotte spent the 10 years before joining forces with Peter McLeod working for a specialist safari and white water rafting/kayaking company.

That enabled her to travel extensively through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and Nepal. In addition to her first hand knowledge of the fishing operations, Charlotte’s knowledge of the lodges and camps in Africa, Seychelles, Iceland, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize is invaluable to the non-fishing members of a group and to families. Her meticulous attention to detail and planning ensures that each and every trip is unforgettable. Her passion for fly fishing is primarily focused on saltwater but she is often spotted in the evenings on one of the nearby Hampshire chalk streams.