Alaska represents one of the world’s last true wildernesses. An expanse that allows you to escape, view some truly stunning vistas, amazing wildlife and experience some of the best fishing around.

The main feeling that I took from the trip and experience was how there really was something for everybody; both from the budget perspective but also from the fishing and species perspective. You could go fish for the halibut (even with a fly!), chase some silvers/coho, which are a hugely exciting species to target, sight fish huge rainbows and char, or come earlier in the year and target kings, sockeye or the ever obliging pinks. You can go to challenging waters that will only give you a few fish a day, but they will invariably be large and powerful, or indulge in some shoulder-aching action where you quite literally question whether it’s wise to cast again – you always end up doing so.

Share the experience with the brown bears, which are a wonder to see and share the river with – your nerves soon subside when you get to understand these magnificent creatures and see that they really are more interested in the fish than you. View moose wondering the plains during your journey to and from your river along with beaver, and a whole host of different birds that call this amazing environment home. Certainly a place that gives you the feeling that there really is more to fishing than catching fish. Beyond the species you can catch during your stay that can largely be tailored to your requirements on a daily basis there are a wealth of lodges on offer, some more suitable to individuals than others. We now have a great understanding of this and look forward to helping you with your options and assisting you in gaining a greater understanding of what’s on offer.

Please make sure to take a look next week for the full trip report along with images to help paint a picture.

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