Alphonse is synonymous for its magnificent Bonefish population as well as the sheer diversity of predatory fish that feed on these shallow water speedsters. Great weather, neap tides and anglers who focused on Bonefish made for a fantastic week of exciting fishing. You’ll see the results below which ended up with a total of 631 Bonefish, 3 Trigger fish, 6 GT’s (Biggest of which was 106cm), 2 Permit, 2 Milkfish and a Sailfish. On day 3 John managed 40 Bonefish, a Yellowmargin Triggerfish and a Permit in one session. Selina landed the biggest GT of the week measuring 106 cm and finished the day with 34 Bonefish. Great fishing week anywhere on this planet!

Catch Notes:

Day 1: Great weather – 138 x Bonefish, 1 x Yellowmargin, 2 x GT’s
Day 2: Strong Winds – Concentrated on Bonefish – 122 x Bonefish
Day 3: Great Weather – 198 x Bonefish, 2 x Permit, 2 x GT’s (106 cm, 1 x Yellowmargin, 1 x Sailfish
Day 4: Great Weather – 193 x Bonefish, 1 x Moustache Triggerfish,1 x Milkfish (35lbs)
Day 5:Great Weather – 83 x Bonefish, 1 x Milkfish (35lbs)
Day 6 :Great Weather – 95 x Bonefish, 2 x GT’s (84 and 81 cm)

Tight lines from the Alphonse Team!

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