The new Indian Ocean season is upon us and just as the nights draw in and there is definite nip in the air, the images of clear blue water, sparkling white sand flats are a welcome addition to our inboxes.  Below is the pre-season newsletter covering Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo.

For more information on Alphonse, Astove or Cosmoledo please contact us or call +44(0)1980 847389.

May 2015 marked the end of the incredible 2014/2015 seasons as we wrapped up at Alphonse, Desroches, Astove and Cosmoledo. Our fleets of boats were hibernated, the gear packed away and guides sent home to recharge their batteries. Four months have passed and our teams are back at the various destinations and in full swing with pre-season preparations. There will be significant improvements at all our destinations, which we won’t mention and will leave as a surprise for our guests when they arrive. It’s the fond memories of last seasons catches that keeps the team going as they prepare the boats and skiffs for their annual migration to the moorings in the St François lagoon, on the beach and in the lagoon at Astove, on the deck of the Maya’s Dugong and in the channel at Poivre Atoll. The off seasons rest and continued conservation ethics ensure that these magnificent ecosystems rejuvenate and stay pristine, wild and exciting for all the seasons to come.

Alphonse Island is known as one of the most comfortable saltwater fly fishing destinations you are lightly to find. Guests enjoy single accommodation, an incredible atmosphere in the evenings, twin skiffs, magnificent bluewater opportunities and the incredible flats fishing at St François. It’s arguably the best bonefish destination on this earth and most definitely the best milkfish destination. The big GT’s, barracuda, triggerfish, bluefin trevally, snapper, tuna and sailfish make Alphonse one of the most diverse and exciting destinations on this planet.

The new Astove Atoll Lodge is finally completed and allows six lucky anglers per week the exclusivity of one of the wildest atolls on the globe. The lodge is situated 150 meters from the famous “Wall”, where the flat sheers off and drops to over 1000 meters in literally 50 meters. It’s a place frozen in time, where the daily dramas of a pristine wild and hostile ecosystem plays out in front of your very eyes. It’s known as the destination where you have the greatest chance of catching a really big GT, that’s if you can hold on. There are great permit opportunities in the inside of the lagoon, tailing triggers on the flats edge, incredible skinny water bone fishing and an array of other species that make this destination unbeatable.

Cosmoledo has become known as the GT capital of the world with more GT’s frequenting the flats than at any other destination. The variety on offer is astounding, with areas never fished. The triggerfish, bonefish, permit, barracuda, snapper and grouper make this destination complete. The trips which commence with a flight into Assumption atoll, where you are met by the 130ft Mayas Dugong, an ex-research vessel, which has been upgraded and modified into a mother ship catering for long range fly fishing expeditions. Twelve guests get the opportunity to fish this wild and untouched area comprising of two atolls and eight islands.

Places are filling up quickly at the various Alphonse Fishing Co destinations so please contact us ASAP to book your stay and ensure a fantastic Seychelles fly fishing experience.