The light North-Westerly winds have finally arrived after a lengthy delay. The change in wind direction was met by an explosion of Milkfish feeding on the flats, in the channels and offshore.  The highlight of the week has to be the Milkfish hook-ups while standing on terra firma. We were fortunate enough to have a film team on location filming the short movie  “Chanos-Chanos” which will be aired in months to come in the form of a short movie. There were fish hooked on the flats, in the channels and offshore which often ended with coralled leaders, straightened and pulled hooks. Even after all the drama associated with the long Milkfish battles Vadim Danshov, Igor Deulin, Rod Wentworth, Petr Solovyev and Pete Esposito managed to tame the beast and land one of these magnificent creatures.  We even had a double Milkfish flats hook up when both Rod Wentworth and Pete Esposito hooked and landed fish. Petr Solovyev had a great day out on the water with guide, Alec Gerbec when he managed to achieve a “Grand Slam” consisting of a Milkfish, Bonefish and a GT of 90 cm.

Tight lines from the Alphonse Fishing Team.

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