Indo Pacific Permit are without doubt one of the most difficult flats species that can be caught on fly. This week started in an incredible fashion with 2 magnificent Permit caught on the first day of the week. Chantal Chone caught an impressive 67 cm fish while wading a spot called pancake flat. Tim Marks went one step further to achieve a “Grand Slam” by catching a Permit, GT and Bonefish all in one day.  Once again the calm winds with very flat seas persist through the week as the Milkfish threatened to feed on the Western edge of St François. Numerous fish were hooked and one fish in particular was fought for  1 1/2  hours before the hook pulled. Michael Clayton landed an aerobatic fish of 106 cm after a battle that lasted 2 hours.

Tight Lines from Keith, Devan and the Alphonse Team!

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