The last two weeks have been a busy, fun-filled time for the dive team. During the final week of 2014, we had 2 new fun divers, Radmila and Allan, who hopped on our boat and spent the morning diving the hidden reef, ‘Bijoutier Out’. Strong currents made for an effortless dive, which was enjoyed by all in the water.

What better way to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to a new year but with a snorkelling trip to the beautiful Bijoutier Island with all our Alphonse Island guests. We snorkelled and then had lunch on the beach, after doing a beach clean-up.

To kick start 2015, we had Nedine and Charne Senekal join us and complete their NDL Diver Course (Open Water Course). Congratulations, and we hope you enjoy your future diving all around the world!

Lastly, congratulations to the Barker family for filling our boat for the entire week, 1 or 2 dives a day, totalling 54 Fun Dives, 2 Refresher Courses and 1 Resort Course! Thank you for lovely diving and allowing us to share all that we experienced underwater with you. We are sure the kids will not soon forget seeing all the turtles, eagle rays, massive groupers, bull sharks, nurse sharks and the hammerhead shark! We look forward to having you back soon!

Happy bubbles form Hinton and Danah (Alphonse Island Dive Team).

For more details on diving on Alphonse or to hold space please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on 01980 847389.