The weather turned for the better this week even though the occasional squall did interfere with a few sessions. The bonefishing has been exceptional with numerous anglers catching more than 20 bonefish per day and an impressive total of 395 were landed for the week. The triggerfish played their normal games by outwitting numerous anglers. Through sheer determination, and skill, Mattias Kantorek landed his first yellowmargin triggerfish and Uwe Holzkamp followed suit with a large giant triggerfish.  The GTs played their part in deflating the teams egos and removing pieces of tackle from their various outfits. Some of the duos hooking as many as 4 GTs in a day, but with an end result of zero landed.  At the end of the week it had to be said that the GTs definitely took the odds with 6 only landed and Ronald Benck’s fish of 94 cm being the largest. Oscar Nieber landed one of the largest thick lipped trevally (Caragoides Orthogrammos) ever caught on St Francois which added to the astounding variety of spcies for the week. Terry Coleman landed a magnificent 30 lbs milkfish to end off a magnificent set of results for the week.

Tight lines from Devan Van der Merwe and his Alphonse team.

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