It’s hard to believe that the Bonefish numbers could get any better than this seasons previous weeks, but as the South-Easterly continues to make its mark and the coolers waters flood the flats so do the Bonefish.  Every day produces more than 100 Bonefish with Wednesday ending at the 199 mark, which elevated the weeks tally to 732. There were 13 GT’s with 2 of them measuring over a meter and weighing approximately 60lbs. Brent Till’s 109cm GT was part of a double hook up, with Russ Ford landing a 98 cm fish at the same time.  The week hit an all high when Kay Jones landed a  “Flats Grand Slam”, Whitney  McDowell a Milkfish of 35lbs, Susanne McDowell a huge 52 cm Yellowmargin Trigger fish and David Balderson another 109 cm GT. It simply doesn’t get any better.

Tight lines from the Alphonse team.

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