As the season draws to an end and the South-Easterly winds start to blow in a light fashion. This change in direction reverses the currents bringing cooler tides to the surrounding waters, channels and flats. The cooler flats allows for a change in feeding patterns as our magnificent Bonefish schools venture further up the flats and closer to the islands where the water would have been warn in past months. Even with the occasional unseasonal squall the Bonefishing is a constant with 643 caught during the 6 days of fishing. The Milkfish came back for a late feed and were around in full force for last 3 days of the week. No surprise as there were fish hooked and jumped, rods broken, leaders broken and hooks straightened with only David Geer (30lbs) and Michael Dawnay (35lbs) landing the only 2 Milkfish of the week. There were 5 GT’s landed, every one over 80cm’s with the biggest being a 101cm fish landed by Jonathan Asquith. The highlight of the week was Tony Chambers’ magnificent Permit.  Another fantastic week with 1 left until the close of the 2014 – 2015 Alphonse season.

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