The acquisition of Alphonse Island in Seychelles, by the owners of neighbouring Desroches Island Lodge has finally been completed.  The process started 18 months ago but the paperwork is now complete and we received the official confirmation that the hand over was completed on 30th September.  What does this mean for Alphonse?  This season, very little other than improvements to the infrastructure on the island and cosmetic upgrading. 

Devan Van Der Merwe remains at the helm, with Jordyn Mackenzie and Scott Mitchell looking after the front of house and the all important behind the scenes. 

Last seasons guide team have all returned (Serge Samson, Wayne Haselau, Andrew Mayo, Scott Keller, Alex Quatre, Ryan Driemeyer) and have been rejoined by Brandon King and James Christmas.  It was also with great pleasure that we learned that Yousuf Shaikh – Alphonse’s every smiling barman, fisherman and talented fly tyer – will be supplementing the guide team by guiding clients on Alphonse.

30th September 2013

“The owners of Desroches Island Lodge Limited are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of the business rights to the jewel known as Alphonse Island, part of the Alphonse Group of Atolls in the Seychelles. This season, which commenced on 5th October, will see slight improvements to the infrastructure, without affecting the comfortable ambiance, echoed and emphasized by guests who repeat year after year. Four new villas add a new dimension to couples and families who would like to enjoy the beauty and adventures that Alphonse and St François atolls have to offer. There will be no surprises when guests step off the plane as the same friendly team of staff and guides will be there to meet both fishing and non-fishing guests alike.

The 2013-2014 fly fishing season promises to be a fruitful one with 96% of the seasons rods already sold. 

Located 440km south west of Mahe, Alphonse and St Francois atolls have earned a coveted reputation as a highly respected international fly fishing destinations, perfectly complimenting the spectacular game and fly fishing available at Desroches Island. “The final attainment of Alphonse Island at the start of the 2013-2014 fly fishing season enables new and established guests to experience the enhanced service and improved conveniences that visitors and fishermen to Desroches enjoy, without spoiling the real and rustic feel of Alphonse.” enthuses Keith Rose-Innes, Resident General Manager.