Alphonse Island Fishing News 28 October – 4 November 2017

Alphonse Island in Seychelles consistently produces great fishing and it is the number of species there for anglers to target that set it apart. It’s always a pleasure sharing the water with returning fisherman, but even better making new friends on the water. Challenging conditions and low light made it difficult to reach every goal, but with such a diverse fishery, and a group of eight-experienced fisherman the results spoke for themselves.

Richard Park landed the biggest Bonefish of the week at 67cm. Denis Laptev managed a ”Bills & Bones Slam” and a perfect Moustache Triggerfish. Peter Pawlick rang the fisherman’s bell almost every night celebrating “Flats Slams” and GT’s.

The holy grail of fly-fishing couldn’t have gone to a better person. Tim Dykman raising the mark and joining the Permit Club of Alphonse Fishing Co.

David Leaf was the main contributor to the bonefish numbers and with a group total of 238 bonefish we can comfortably say that the fish were hungry.

Bonefish – 238,  GT – 3,  Yellow Margin Triggerfish – 2,  Mustache Triggerfish – 2,  Sailfish – 2
Indo-Pacific Permit – 1

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