APTUS sponsors PO Box address for returns and Airflo join the initiative. Sign our petition to parliament and visit the ANLRS online shop

In a world of plastic products, it is concerning that so little of this is recycled. Over 300 million tonnes of plastic packaging is produced each year and as little as 21% is even recycled or at best incinerated. This simply cannot be sustained for the good of our planet or aquatic environments. How often have you noticed that when returning from a shopping trip that once the items are removed from its packaging that you often have more plastic waste than you do actual items you bought?  The most recent ANLRS newsletter is out

In addition to their Return to Recycle scheme, Aptus have also pledged an annual Corporate donation to the ANLRS to support the scheme in making line and plastic recycling easy for both freshwater and saltwater anglers of all disciplines. This will pay for a PO Box address so all line returns can now be sent to the following:

ANLRS, PO Box 96, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 8BU

The Airflo Initiative

At the start of the new year Airflo UK Sales Director, Gareth Jones, got in contact to see how the company could support the scheme and offer its customers a route to recycle any old fly lines and backing alongside the more common monofilament we deal with. The next couple of weeks saw emails flying between Gareth, Steve Carrie at ReWorked and ourselves talking about recycling of not only old lines but also the manufacturing waste from when Airflo produce their world class fly lines in their Welsh based factory. As with most tackle manufacturers, Airflo had always used the skip and landfill route for production wastes but felt they should be looking for a more environmentally conscious route even if the costs were slightly more. As a result of these discussions Airflo will now be offering its customers the ability to send in fly lines, from any manufacturer to them and will then ensure that they are sent for recycling. In a tackle industry first, the company has already sent over half a tonne of manufacturing waste to ReWorked that has been processed into their multi use plastic Storm boards. The USA based owners of Airflo were so impressed with the recycling opportunities the scheme allows that they have agreed to make a significant annual corporate donation to support our work.


You may have seen that Drew Taylor has created a petition on the Petition Parliament website that calls upon the Government to fund the ANLRS and ensure that all fishing locations have a bin in place so that the threat to wildlife is reduced from discarded or accidentally lost line and tackle. If you haven’t please take 2 minutes to read and sign it. We want to highlight the good that the scheme has to offer and show that we, as anglers, are tackling an issue head on and not denying that we cause any problem. Indeed Drew, himself, is not an angler but became concerned at the amount of line he was finding whilst walking around his local park lake. CLICK HERE for more information and let’s get the government at least talking about what we are doing. To do that, we need 10,000 signatures to get a response so please help us to get there, share this with your friends and fellow anglers.

The ANLRS shop

Following the launch of the on-line ANLRS shop we have been delighted with the number of orders coming through. Every penny made from the sales goes back into the scheme to allow our work to continue. There have been some new additions including the 150mm pipe bins, a great Olive ANLRS t-shirt for the warmer months ahead and very soon we will be adding a cool ANLRS old skool pin badge. If you need stickers, line strippers, a new mug for the brew kit or just fancy a browse head to THE ANLRS SHOP.

If you would like to receive the ANLRS newsletter direct, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to add yourself to the mailing list. For more details contact:

Viv Shears (ANLRS)  Tel 07843 306661 Email [email protected]
Website www.anglers-nlrs.co.uk

ANLRS, Recycling fishing line, Aardvark McLeod
ANLRS, Recycling fishing line, Aardvark McLeod