Lago Strobel Lodge Fishing

For trout anglers who seek trophy fish, the is no place like Lago Strobel, otherwise known as Jurassic Lake. The lake holds some of the worlds largest wild rainbow trout that have grown fat and strong on a diet of freshwater shrimp. Even a small fish here is bigger than the largest rainbow trout most anglers have caught elsewhere. These giant rainbows feed hard and can be sight fished to on floating lines using everything from streamers and nymphs, skating big foam flies and mouse patterns.

Lago Strobel Lodge is a new lodge strategically built on the north-eastern corner of Lago Strobel. The lodge is part of the same family as Estancia Laguna Verde and is now taking bookings for the 2024 season. Lago Strobel Lodge focuses on providing anglers access to this exceptional trout fishery for remarkably good value. With exclusive access to over 10 miles of Strobel Lake shoreline including six secluded bays which are protected from the wind anglers have an abundance of water to explore.

From Lago Strobel Lodge rods can also cast a line into the beautiful freestone Barrancoso River which is the main tributary of Strobel Lake. The last six or so miles of this astonishing river passes through Lago Strobel Lodge, with the property a short distance from the final three to four pools before it drains into Strobel Lake. The waters are crystal clear and have amazing runs of huge trout.

The Guide Team

The world class guide team are passionate about sight fishing and the ratio of one guide for two anglers (single guiding is available) ensures personal attention. Access to the fishing is between five and 30 minutes’ drive from the lodge and anglers can fish new beats every day. Most of the fishing is done with floating lines, although in certain spots or special conditions the guides will suggest a sink tip or sink tip poly leader.

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The Lodge

The lodge is built in the classic Patagonian estancia style. The spacious main room contains a full bar, stocked fly tying desk, satellite TV and a beautiful panoramic view of Strobel Lake. Adjacent to the main lodge, four double bedrooms offer plenty of space, private bathrooms and comfortable beds. Other amenities include Wi-Fi access, satellite phone and laundry service. The chef prepares superb food with asados (BBQs), classic empanadas and international cuisine complemented by fine Argentinian wine. After breakfast, anglers split into pairs and head to the water. Guests have the option to return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta or a packed lunch on the water. 

Lago Strobel Lodge 2023/2024 Season Pricing

US$3,750 per rod for seven nights six and a half days fishing
US$2,750 per rod for five nights and four and a half days fishing

This is on a shared room and shared guide basis (two rods per guide). Please also note that this includes the transfers to / from the lodge.

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For more information please contact Olly Thompson or phone 01980 847 389