The 2023 season on the Rio Grande is is almost full. If you are thinking about visiting this wonderful sea trout rivers now is the time to look at the remaining space before it goes.

No matter how you look at it, the Rio Grande is the finest sea trout river in the world. No river comes close to having the numbers or size of fish. The British record stands at around 27 lbs, but sea trout of 20 lbs or more are caught each week on both rivers. Both, are genuinely great rivers as most of these large fish are not caught while clambering around in the dark but in the daylight hours.

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Kau Tapen

Kau Tapen is one of the oldest and most comfortable lodges on the river. It is a superb lodge that has balanced character and comfort exceptionally well. Kau Tapen has ten en suite single rooms; some offer a king bed, while some have one queen, and others are furnished with two doubles. A large living room opens to views of the Menendez and Rio Grande valleys and includes a roaring fire and a well-stocked bar.  

Kau Tapen has access to 16 km of the Rio Grande and much of the Ro Menedez. Being in the middle reaches of the Rio Grande Kau Tapen is ideally suited to anglers that enjoy technical fishing and smaller water. Although this part of the river can fish well all season long, it can be especially productive towards the latter half of the season when many of the fish have shifted upstream. More tracks have been created to allow for better access to the Menendez River in recent years. This is a wonderful river, and although smaller than the main Rio Grande, the average size of the fish is very large. 

2023 Availability (Saturday to Saturday)

28th January – 4th February – US$11,950 – 3 rods
11th – 18th February US$11,950 – 2 rods
18th – 25th March US$10,950 – 1 rod
25th March – 1st April US$9,950 – 6 rods

Prices do not include international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost US$550.

Villa Maria Lodge; sea trout fishing Rio Grande, TDF, Argentina

Villa Maria

Villa María is the second of the Nervous Water’s lodges to open on the Río Grande after Kau Tapen. Taking six rods it offers small groups the opportunity to fish some of the productive pools in the lower river. The lodge is a renovated farmhouse within the working estancia, Jose Menendez.  

The lodge features six en-suite double and single rooms, smart furnishings, and spacious living areas. Each evening a roaring fire and well-stocked bar welcome you back from your day’s on the river. To maximise time on the water and allow for a proper rest after eating, guests have lunch and their siesta at the very comfortable riverside house rather than return to the lodge.  

Villa Maria focuses on 15km of prime sea trout fishing on the lower Rio Grande, allowing anglers to have the first crack at newly arrived sea trout that enter the system. The lodge is ideal for anglers that enjoy the challenges of using two-handed rods. Especially during the first half of the season, Villa Maria can have some exceptional fishing. At this period, the fish are crome silver and fight exceptionally well. 

2023 Availability (Friday to Friday)

10th – 17th March US$10,950 – 3 rods

Prices do not include international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost: US$550.

Estancia Maria Behety, Argentina, Aardvark McLeod

Estancia Maria Behety Lodge

Estancia Maria Behety Lodge sits on a promontory overlooking the Rio Grande. It has spectacular panoramic views of vast pampas and the remnants of the Andean cordillera framing the background. Located upstream from La Villa EMB is part of the same estancia owned by the Menedez family. It is the larger of the two lodges with eight double occupancy rooms that take twelve rods and a maximum of sixteen guests.  

The main room is timber-framed and features 20 foot plus high ceilings with banks of tall windows that allow light to flood the room. A roaring fireplace and several sitting areas provide the perfect place to relive the fishing of the day and relax with delicious appetizers and a cocktail. A full bar is well stocked with all the proper libations, including the finest Argentine wines and plenty of cold beer.   

Anglers at EMB Lodge rotate through the same water as La Villa, so they have access to over 100 wonderful pools, some of which are the most productive on the river. EMB Lodge offers the complete Rio Grande experience as during your stay there, you will cover a wide range of water types and fishing situations.  

2023 Availability

7 – 14 January – 6 rods – US$7,500 (Aardvark McLeod hosted week)

Prices do not include international or domestic flights, hotels in Buenos Aires or fishing licences which cost: US$300.

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