Although the water on the Rio Grande has remained low the height is steady. Strong winds were a factor that made fishing tough during the first part of the week. When the wind settled the conditions proved ideal and all of the lodges on the river recorded some excellent catches in the second part of their week.

Good water temperatures have allowed the sea trout to continue spreading throughout the system in numbers which has allowed the lodges in the middle part of the river to record some excellent catches. Rain is due next week which will help to freshen things us and encourage fish to continue spreading upstream.

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Estancia Maria Behety Week 7

Another week at Estancia Maria Behety has passed, and we had some fantastic fishing and experiences throughout. One of the highlights of the week was being about to catch several big fish on the surface. This was possible early in the week before the cooler southerly winds picked up. The following day we saw fresh snow in the Andes, and through the grapevine, we received news that it had also snowed in Ushuaia. This was unusual considering it is meant to be summertime. The fishing did slow once the air temperature dropped, as is often the case.

The rain from last week caused a slight rise, but not enough to colour the water, which remained clear. Fresh fish were showing in all the pools and beats from the top of our water to the bottom, all fished well. The main activity at sunset during the first part of the week when the temperatures were more normal. On some days we found the temperature drop in the evening put the fish down.

Flies and tactics
Various sizes of sunray shadows, small salmon flies, nymphs: red tail, emb nymph, prince nymph, pheasant tail nymph, green machine, for the last hour intruder, leech, sunray shadow.

During the day most fish were caught using light sink tips, long leaders and small nymphs (size 10 to 14). When this didn’t work, we fished deeper with sink tips of a density of usually T14.

Water Conditions
Water color and visibility: Clear
Water temperature: 6º C to 15ºC

Weather Conditions
Air temperatures: 6º to 21ºC
Wind speed ranges from 5 to 129 km/h
Rain during the week: 6.3 mm

Catch stats
Total catch 139
Fish over 15lb 31
Largest fish 24lb

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Kau Tapen February 18 – 25

Conditions resumed similarly to last week, with shallow water and cold evening temperatures. On the second fishing day, the wind increased and only reduced later in the week. We regularly had gusts over 80-90 kph with an average speed of 70 kph. This is not an issue from the west, but the north wind blew a few days this week. This direction is directly in the face and a real challenge for new and experienced casters.

Snowmelt in the mountains from the previous week reached the Menendez, and those making the trek down on Thursday found a higher, off-colour river full of debris floating down. The upper reaches of the lower section were declared almost un-fishable, but a few fantastic fish were landed in a productive spot downstream just before the bulk of runoff could reach it. The Grande remained at its previous level for most of the week and then dropped due to a lack of rain and wind pushing water into the estuary.

Despite the challenging conditions, plenty of fantastic fish were caught, including two particularly impressive catches for one lucky angler. Historically, some of the season’s largest fish start to become active around this time of year, and this week supported that trend. Bill, Michelangelo, Sergio, and Andrew landed fish over the 15-pound mark, including Bill’s fantastic 17-pound Menendez fish and Andrew’s 19-pounder on the final evening. Yet, the feat of the week, and possibly the season, went to Nina. She landed back-to-back two fish of a lifetime, first with a 27-pound male measuring 97×57 cm, followed by a hen of 24 pounds the next day. The former is the season’s fish thus far, though when one keeps the fly in the water, anything can happen, but for now- congratulations to a well-deserved angler on a pair of remarkable fish!

Thursday evening into Friday had a decent rain, but no change in the river was observed yet. Without much rain in the forecast and very high winds scheduled for the first part of the week, how the river will produce remains to be seen. The Menendez enjoyed a nice bump of snowmelt, but the Grande needs more water. Once again, it has certainly been a season of adapting to the whims of the weather and water, but the Rio Grande has a way of rewarding the patient and persistent angler.

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