TDF, Rio Grande – best of what’s left

If you enjoy sea trout fishing or fishing for sea run fish in general then the Rio Grande on Tierra del Fuego is a must-visit destination. No other river in the world will consistently give you the numbers and size of sea trout that the Rio Grande will, no matter what other rivers or lodges will tell you.

Cameron Lodge; sea trout fishing Rio Grande, TDF, Chile

This is a special place. Set your sights on a fish between 12-16 lbs during your stay and rarely will you be disappointed. Indeed, sea trout of over 20 lbs are caught most weeks with fish of over 30 lbs caught most seasons. Let that sink in; wild, sea run brown trout of over 20 or even 30 lbs on a fly rod. Beyond that, around two landed fish per rod per day would be a realistic expectation, depending on when you travel. Many more will be hooked and lost, of course – such is the nature of sea trout fishing.

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For the 2020 season a handful of prime rods remain. We have been through the availability – we have more lodges open to you on the river than anyone else and we give totally unbiased advice based on your requirements and experience level – with the following being the best of what’s left:

The 2020 season filled up very fast and with good reason. We have 2 rods left in the 13-20th March week. Click HERE.

Some prime space still remains at the end of February and up until the middle or March, which is the time you really want to be at Cameron for the sea trout. For the brown trout etc. then there is good availability in January and early February too. Click HERE.

One of the best value lodges on the river and accesses the prime of the middle reaches of the Rio Grande. There are a handful of February rods left that should not be missed, including 1 rod in 8-15th February, 1 in 15-22nd February and 2 in 22-29th February. All of those rods are extremely prime. Click HERE.

The lodges that always fills up the fastest, and with good reason. La Villa covers cover the prime of the lower reaches on the Rio Grande and has one of the finest lodges on the river. This is the place to be in the early part of the season and one rod remains in the 4-11th January week. Click HERE.

One of the oldest and probably the most modern / highest standard lodge on the entire river. A superb lodge that has access to both the Rio Grande and Menendez rivers. There is some great availability in February, which is really when you want to be on the middle river. 4 rods in 8-15th February, 1 in 15-22nd February and 4 in 29th February – 7th March. Click HERE.

A fantastic lodge on the lower river and one of the strongest guide teams on the river. A great place to be located early season and 1 rod remains in the 24-31st January week. Click HERE.

Need further insight or advice? Not sure where may suit you best? Then please do contact Steffan Jones over email or phone 01980 847 389