Since early November we’ve known that this week was going to be different. We’d been told that one single angler had booked out the entire island for his own sporting pleasure. This made the Astove team curious and we wondered, a little nervously, what kind of royalty would go to such extreme measures to ensure total exclusivity. Our guest proved to be a thoroughly decent sport. I knew this for sure because I made him probably one of the worlds worst Mojito’s on the first evening, and instead of spitting the vile concoction out and throwing the glass at me, he swallowed bravely, and with only a hint of a grimace said it was delicious, and thanked me. I guess that makes him both polite and an extremely good liar. Either way from that moment on I knew we were going to have a good week together- despite him expressing a somewhat macabre need to see me get eaten alive by a tiger shark (the very mention of which would result in fits of laughter)- and so it was.Aardvark McLeod Astove atoll GT

Our guest for the week decided at the very last minute to bring his friend Lutz. Lutz needs no introduction. There is only one Lutz in the fly-fishing community. For those who are not European (for surely every European knows Lutz?), Lutz is a great fisherman and very chilled guy who has a heart of solid gold. Aardvark McLeod Astove atoll GT paradiseThe fishing started of with a major bang. Lutz catching a small Geet on a ray on the first half day session was a good omen. The real cracker was our special guest catching a 104 cm personal best Geet on the very first full day. This was a great start, and the champagne was uncorked soon after. Stuart Webb and Christiaan Pretorius put him on to the big fish and have since been nominated for the guide hall of fame.Aardvark McLeod Astove atoll GT paradiseThe weather this week was hot and calm. Perhaps I should elaborate – the sun beat down on us relentlessly. As there was seldom but a hint of a breeze, it meant that the atoll heated up to such a degree as to send the damned scurrying for shade. It was for this reason that our guest of honor suggested we take an extended lunch break in the comfort of the lodge, which the guides happily adjusted to.Aardvark McLeod Astove atoll GT

The week ticked on, and the fishing was exceptional. Sure there was the odd quiet patch, but they only added a bit of depth and contrast to the explosive fishing. The dropping tide produced a platter of rays, always with a black GT onboard. Afternoons were spent teasing offshore (Mostly because after a walk in the morning, and lunch at the lodge under the air-conditioning- why NOT make the GT’s come to you? it’s a logic we couldn’t argue).These teasing sessions provided some insane action and some frightening displays of murderous intention from the GT’s. The big ones really do enjoy killing everything…

All in all a fantastic week.

In Summery two anglers landed a total of 32 GT’s between 2 anglers, the largest being the 104cm mentioned. If you would like more details please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call the office on ++44 1980 847389.