Sadly this week marked the end to our first 10 weeks at our new Astove Atoll Lodge. True to what Astove has continued to produce during this season the fishing results speak for themselves.  The big Bonefish were around with Henry Henley managing to top the 10 lbs mark with a magnificent fish. Jeremy Block had a dream week by starting with a flood of GT’s on his first day, steadily catching more on a daily basis and topping his GT experience by landing the biggest GT of the week measuring 114 cm, which was battled on the edge of the “The Wall”. His week got better when he landed a “Flats Grand Slam”, comprising of a Triggerfish, Bonefish and a GT. When you think the week couldn’t get any better Jeremy landed a 12 lbs Permit. A bitter sweet experience for the guides as it was enticed from a shoal of 40 Permit swimming along a white sand flat inside the lagoon, almost as to tease the team as they packed up to leave for the off season.

Tight lines from the Astove team!

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