Astove Atoll is known for being one of the most epic GT fishing destinations on this planet, but what many people don’t know is that it is equally as impressive for other species such as Bonefish, Triggerfish, Permit and an array of other species. The 6 anglers this week took full advantage of the variety and landed 9 Triggerfish and numerous Bonefish around the 8lbs mark. Throw in 75 GTs and you have a combination that offers anglers the chance of a “Flats Slam”. In total we had 4 “Flats Slams” with Ronnie Butler landing an impressive “Double Flats Slam”, comprising of 2 Bones, 2 Triggers and 2 GT’s. Helmut Zaderer landed the biggest GT of the week measuring 120cm. Joern Heiner’s monster wasn’t far off measuring 117cm.  Joern and Maria stayed for 2 weeks racking up an impressive 59 GTs between them. Does it get any better?

Until next week, tight lines form the  Alphonse Fishing Co Guide team at Astove Atoll.

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