Atlantic Salmon Reserve fly fishing Russia Kharlovka, Litza, Rynda Rivers.

The Kharlolovka, Rynda and the Eastern Litza are amongst the world’s premier Atlantic salmon Rivers and the world’s first conservation area for Atlantic Salmon, sea trout, wild brown trout and Arctic char. Their primary aim is to sustain and develop the fantastic salmon and trout fishing within this area, whilst preserving and protecting this pristine and uninhabited wilderness for the benefit of future generations. For the Atlantic salmon community it is the home of giants, and one of the few rivers on the planet where landing a 40 lbs + Atlantic salmon is a real possibility.

Due to the 80 year record high winter and late spring conditions, the ASR have decided to open week 32 (5-11 August 2017) – as a special summer 3-Rivers week where guests will be able to fish 2 days on Kharlovka – Litza and Rynda rivers during the week. There may even be an opportunity to skate flies with a single handed rod on the Zolotaya as well.

All guests will stay at the Kharlovka lodge in private ensuite accommodations. They will be using 2 helicopters for daily deployments. Considering the record amount of snow and ice currently on reserve, the summer weeks are likely to be outstanding this year!

The fishing price for this summer 3 Rivers week is US$5,900/rod – plus US$1,100 for the round trip charter flight from Helsinki to Murmansk.

Atlantic Salmon Reserve fly fishing Russia Kharlovka, Litza, Rynda Rivers.

The offer will close by Monday 19 June so let us know asap if you are interested in joining.

If you would like any further information please contact Steffan Jones or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.