Weather: Nice warm week mostly fair skies. Winds: A couple perfect days with a 10 mph easterly winds and some other days 12–16 mph, and a few too windy days at 15–20 from the north.

Air Temp: Highs were in low 80’s with lows in the low 70’s

Water: Temp: 79 F.

Moonphase: The first quarter moon was on the 15th. Sunrise: 6:17 am Sunset: 5:53 pm. Barometric Pressure: 29.9. – 30.22

El Pescador Lodge, Belize, Aardvark McLeod


Bonefish (Macabi):

Celeste and Luke got out one day and lit up the bonefish flats with 12 bonefish each, not bad for first day, first time, bonefishers! Ron and Betsy were pretty competitive as well, Volker came all the way from Germany to catch a bonefish with us and, true to the advertising, he got many more than one on his first day. Not all the couples fished together, but all had a good time. Dwight, Tim and Jean, Pete and Lindsay, Ivan and Misty, Tom and Laura, Randy, Kerry and Debbie, Jon and Kathy, Curtis, Jay, Jeff, Mike, Jamie and Kevin, Mike, JD, Stephen and Jerry all brought joy to the flats of Ambergris Caye.

Susan and Ray from the UK met their friends Mike and Sandy and enjoyed the flats, the town, and the relaxation easily found here at El Pescador. Returning guests Bill and Evie, Kevin, Doug, Matt, Will and Samantha started another trip here this week, it is always great to see old friends.

Permit (Palometta):

El Pescador Lodge, Belize, Aardvark McLeod

Samantha had a big grin when I saw her on Saturday and I knew something was up. It was a 30 pound permit! 45 minutes of battle ended with the fish in her capable hands. Betsy was also proud of her first permit much to the delight of Ron (who may have been a tad jealous as well). The women of the lodge tamed the permit this week!

Tarpon (Sabalo):

Duber landed the only tarpon of the week that made it all the way to the boat. Ron had one on for a while only to part ways with a spectacular jump, a few more bites and a few more jumps from other guest rounded out a relatively slow week for the Silver King.

El Pescador Lodge, Belize, Aardvark McLeod

Other Species:

Jacks, barracuda, snappers, triggerfish and more

Grand Slam:

No slams this week.

Flies that worked:

Bonefish: CI-Special, Crazy Charlie, Gotcha
Permit: Christmas Island Specials, Peterson spawning Shrimp
Tarpon: Black death bunny, Chartreuse Deceiver

Week’s Summary:

A good weather week with lots of great guests that had the lodge in a great mood. A great group, lots of couples, lots of fun, Big thanks as everything was smooth and successful.

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