This year all of Belize has experienced a unusually dry rainy season. The Belize River in front of the lodge was still green and clear throughout much of September, this would not normally be the case until the middle of June. By late September rain started which turned the water to an olive colour and by early October the river started to show a slight tinge of brown. One advantage of this extended dry period was that the big tarpon stayed near the mouth of the river for roughly three months longer than normal.

During this time many large tarpon were jumped and plenty of fish between at 80 and 140 pounds were landed, photographed and released. Small tarpon and snook also took advantage of the clear river water and most anglers caught their first of these popular species. Bonefishing was especially productive keeping anglers occupied for hours. As usual there was plenty of variety outside of the usual target species, with barracuda, jacks and many types of snapper also caught.

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Throughout November tarpon and snook of all sizes where being caught each day. Once the rain brought up the level of the river the most productive fishing was had around its mouth. Gary and Mike took advantage of this, landing 80 and 95 pound tarpon along with several smaller fish. One angler new to salt water fly fishing, caught his first tarpon on his first day, a strong and acrobatic fish of 44 pounds. In the following days several more tarpon between 50 and 60 pounds were caught, with one angler playing a 80 pound fish for over half and hour before his light tippet eventually gave way. The best snook caught and released was a huge fish estimated at 24 pounds.

Throughout his five days at Belize River Lodge Chet saw and landed some large tarpon, along with several snook and a handful of bonsefish. Chet’s forth day proved his best, jumped three big tarpon and landed two of 115 and 120 pounds, an impressive achievement.

On the flats good numbers of bonefish were caught and released, with the average size seeming larger than in recent years. Plenty of casts were made at permit but despite this only a few were landed.

October and November produced many beautiful days and some very good for fishing for a variety of species. All anglers who came to Belize River Lodge where surprised by the quality and variety of the fishing and we hope to see them again soon.

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