The Ideal Location Awaits

Learn about the various types of accommodations offered by Aardvark McLeod. These accommodations include lodges, resort hotels, and private villas. Learn more about the accommodations offered and find what out which is best for you and your family.


Lodges tend to be of permanent construction with rooms built of stone or wood. Most will have en-suite bathrooms with running hot and cold water. Some lodges have interconnecting rooms or family cottages which make them ideal for clients with younger children. Many fishing lodges tend to be away from the crowds and the case of saltwater operations have beaches nearby.
Resort Hotels

Some fishing operations use a resort hotel as their base of operations. These can be ideal, especially for a young family or non – fishing spouse as there will be other facilities available such as dining and bar areas, swimming pools, library, etc. Generally speaking there will be other activities as well, and if the fishing contingent is a minority can be an excellent compromise.

Private Villas

There are a number of fishing lodges that have annexes or private houses that we have access to. These are comfortably appointed with en-suite bedrooms, comfortable lounge and dining areas. Some even have private pools and large garden areas. Dedicated guides and vehicles can also be arranged for guests staying in private houses.