Chalkstream Fishing

Top 10 Chalkstream Dry Flies

17 April 2020

Apart from my constant intrigue to tie and try new fly patterns each season, there is a clear set of dry flies that make up my chalkstream fly fishing box

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Argentina, Rio Manso, Brown Trout, Aardvark McLeod

Oh For The Love of Trout

11 April 2020

Oh For The Love of Trout As the world of fly fishing has evolved, we are now able chase bigger, nastier and more exotic species than ever before. Huge flies

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Chalkstream fishing, Aardvark Mcleod, Heale Broads

UK; River Test Weed Cutting Dates 2020

24 October 2019

Each season the River Test and its tributaries undergo several weed cutting periods. This is necessary to help manage water flow and height as well as keeping the rivers open

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