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Aurelia Lodge, Rio Grande, sea trout, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego

The fishing at Aurelia focuses on the middle reaches of the Rio Grande, similar water to that found at Kau Tapen – it is located immediately above Kau Tapen. The sea trout average close to 10 lbs and can be as much as 30 lbs +. Aurelia lodge has private and restricted access to both… Read More>>>

Spanish Pyrenees, Zebra Trout, trout fishing, fishing in the Pyrenees, Aardvark McLeod, Spain

When considering your next fly fishing trip, be that salt or freshwater, there is a chance that you consider just a small range compared to what is available. In trout fishing the mind often wanders off to the New Zealand back country, the gorges of Argentina or the open plains of the American West but… Read More>>>

Varzina, Kola Peninsula, Russia, Aardvark McLeod, salmon fishing, salmon,

Russia, fishing Varzina River 2021 season. Prices and availability. Atlantic Salmon. The north-east coast of the Russian Kola Peninsula is a unique place. The cold waters of the Arctic Sea meet the stony coastal hills protecting the finest of the treasures of Kola, the last refuge of the large Atlantic salmon. The river water is… Read More>>>

Katka Svagrova, Laxa I Kjos, Thingvallavatn, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

In 2020 we bring you a salmon, sea trout and brown trout combination unlike any other. Based from the comfortable Laxa I Kjos Lodge in Iceland, anglers will explore both the Laxa I Kjos and Brynjudalsá in search of salmon and big sea trout. Over the course of five days anglers will also have two… Read More>>>

BC West, fishing BC West, Fishing British Columbia, fishing Canada, steelhead fishing canada, king salmon fishing canada, fly fishing canada, aardvark mcleod

BC West Fishing Lodge steelhead fishing British Columbia Canada. BC West Lodge is a remote fly fishing destination on the lower Dean River – a legendary steelhead fishery – facing the Dean Channel and tucked in the shadow of Kimsquit Peak within earshot of the Dean River canyon. BC West is located less than a… Read More>>>