Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

Pluma hosted nine American anglers this week, eight of whom were new to dorado fly fishing,
The team had excellent weather throughout the week. Rain on Thursday night rose the rose, coloured and cooled the water. Despite this, the fishing was still amazing on Friday.

Every stretch produced plenty of medium-sized fish and some over 20lbs. Elmer landed a stunning 24lb fish in the Lower Pluma just before the water rose. The Upper Pluma experienced low technical conditions, but we still caught plenty of smaller fish in the 5lb range during the week.

Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report 

For the first half of the week at Agua Negra, the weather was perfect. The fishing matched the conditions and was also excellent. The guests landed large dorado from the main areas, the Chimoro, the Agua Negra, and the main Sécure River. Not only this, but some anglers had great fishing for pacu also. 

By the middle of the week, significant rain brought up all of the rivers. This did nothing to dull the fishing, and the following day the Agua Negra and the Chimoro fired on all cylinders. The largest fish of the week was a burly 26- lb. dorado from the lower Sécure.

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Secure Lodge Fishing Report

Bob, Zach, and David were able to experience various fishing situations aided by ideal weather conditions. The water was very clear and of a perfect temperature in both the upper and lower sections of the river. 

The low water level provided plenty of sight fishing chances for golden dorado in a broad range of water types. It did not matter if the fish held in shallow runs or close to structure. They took aggressively regardless. We also got to see dorado hunt some sizeable yatoranas. It was awe-inspiring to see once again how greedy dorado can be. The largest fish of the week was a 20-lb. dorado caught by Bob in a deep pool located just upstream of the lodge.

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