Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

We received four American guests this past week, including angler Bart Bonime for his second trip with us and first-timers Kevin, Robert, and Dan.

The week started rainy and overcast, with slightly high water levels in the Pluma and very high water levels in the Sécure. The start of the week did not produce as many big dorado as usual, but our guests still caught good numbers of medium-sized dorado. Fish size increased towards the end of the week when the Sécure cleared up. The largest fish of the week was Bart’s 20-lb. dorado caught in the main Pluma. Kevin landed his most significant fish in the last day, a nice dorado of about 20-lbs. 

Golden Dorado, Boliva, Aardvark McLeod

Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report 

Significant rain brought high water for the first few days of this past week. On the first day, the fishing was challenging, but once the water dropped and cleared, the fishing turned on. The high water encouraged good numbers of dorado to run into many of the smaller tributaries. With the help of the slightly coloured water, the fishing was excellent. During the first three days, our three anglers landed more than ten big dorado, as well as plenty of medium-sized fish. The largest fish of the week was a 24-lb. dorado caught in the lower Agua Negra.

Tsimane Golden Dorado Pacu Jungle

Secure Lodge Fishing Report

Our Sécure lodge received five American guests this week, including Rose and Terry, who first visited us in 2019. Weather conditions made for a tough week; we had heavy rain initially, making the river high and muddy. In the final two ways of the week, the water cleared and dropped, but temperatures remained below average for the entire week.

Despite the challenging weather, all anglers had chances at dorado of various sizes, as well as pacú, which surprised us as these fish are more sensitive to temperature variations. The biggest fish of the week was a 15-lb. dorado caught by Gabriel Ondetti fishing to structure on the lower section.

Golden Dorado, Boliva, Aardvark McLeod

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