We were joined at Tsimane’s Pluma Lodge by six anglers from the U.S. and two from Argentina. All of them were new to jungle angling and were very excited to take on a week of fishing here. We had excellent weather for the first couple days. The Lower Secure, known for its big migratory fish, gave us six fish over 20 pounds, and the biggest of the week was an impressive 28 pounds, landed by our friend and guide Nick. The fishing was very technical but also rewarding. The main Pluma was inconsistent throughout the week, but we landed lots of fish in the 8 pound range — a good way to keep the rod bent. We couldn’t make it to the overnight camp because of the rains, but we are looking forward to camping in the weeks ahead. Bolivia, Tsmiane, Bolivia Tsimane, Bolivia Dorado, Tsimane Dorado, fishing for Dorado, Bolivia fishing, Bolivia Pacu, Aardvark McLeod Bolivia


The third week of the season delivered great times for Jacques Besse and Norbert Vincent — two friends and good fishermen from France who were new to dorado and jungle fishing. Randy Thompson and his son Jacob were also among our guests, and they were visiting the jungle of Tsimane for the second time and were looking for another unforgettable experience. The weather and the water conditions were really good for the first couple of days, giving us the chance to make a camp on the Upper Agua Negra where we got into really good numbers of nice-sized dorados. Meanwhile, Jack and Norbert were at the lodge moving huge fish from the logs and fast waters with big flies. There’s nothing better for a beginner than to start off with huge dorado chasing flies in the easy-to-wade waters before getting into the Agua Negra, where the fishing is a little bit more technical and you need to be able to quickly deliver a fly in the right place. The mix between the main Secure River and the Agua Negra gave us the chance to do two different kinds of fishing, one very technical and the other a little easier — easier because you can make more mistakes, but no less exiting with adrenaline-stoking fish ready to attack a fly and put up a fight. During the middle of the week, big rains increased the water levels of all the rivers making the fishing more difficult. Muddy and high waters are generally not good in the beginning, but after the storm passes, we often find a lot more dorado in the whole system and on the hunt just about everywhere. For Jacob on his last day on the Lower Agua Negra, this meant finding more than eight feedings frenzies and catching six fish over 14 pounds including the largest one of the week at around 24 pounds.

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