The Okavango flood waters have reached their peak in north western Botswana, and so begins the wait for prime conditions to target tigerfish over the annual catfish run later in the year. The high 2016 flood levels bode well for an excellent season.

Each year from late August to early November, the Okavango river in Botswana plays host to one of Africa’s greatest sport fishing spectacles – the annual catfish run. As the flood waters recede off the vast flood plains, they bring with them hoards of baitfish. This prompts a feeding frenzy triggered by large shoals for roaming catfish who are first to get in on the action, but soon followed by the prized tigerfish, hunting for fleeing baitfish in the main channel, and along the deep water edges of the floodplains.Botswana Okavango tigerfish

We have the following dates for those wishing to experience this fishery first hand:

1-6 Sept: 3 rods (5 night package)
6-10 Sept: 6 rods (4 night package)
18-23 Sept: 4 rods (5 night package)
26 Sept-1 Oct: 6 rods (5 night package)
3–8 Oct: 3 rods (5 night package)
10-15 Oct: 4 rods (5 night package)
15–19 Oct: 2 rods (4 night package)
24–29 Oct: 6 rods (5night package)

Botswana Okavango tigerfishApart from tigerfish, anglers fishing the Okavango River over this time of year have the opportunity to target nembwe, three spot bream, catfish, pike and a host of other bream species. For those wanting to achieve ultimate Okavango accolades, landing a tigerfish, nembwe, and catfish in a day gives one bragging rights of achieving an ‘Okavango Slam’. The Okavango River, and surrounding flood plains, are home to some of Africa’s finest birding, with many rare and endemic species delighting birders each season. Elephant, hippo, crocodile, and sitatunga are also seen along the river banks. Our team of professional guides ensure all anglers enjoy the full Okavango River experience; making sure the wilderness experience is as much part of the package as the world class fishing.

For more details, please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call on ++44 1980 847389.Victoria Falls Zimabawe Zambia Botswana