Fishing Kendjam in Brazil for peacock bass, wolf-fish, pacu and more.

Jungle Fly Fishing at Kendjam in Brazil

Kendjam offers an experience like no other. Fishing in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, targeting a myriad of different species on the fly – from peacock bass and pacu through to wolf-fish and vampire-fish.

Kendjam is located 550 miles southeast from Manaus and plane will land on the airstrip right in the Kendjam Indian Community. The Iriri River headwaters system inside the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory (more than 700kms), never fished before by white people. The Iriri River begins its journey inside the jungle in the border of Mato Grosso and Para states, and run into the northeast side of the Brazilian Amazon for more than 1300kms. It’s a tributary of the mystic Xingu River. The dry season is the low crystal clear water season and runs from June to late October in the Iriri River Basin, and the perfect moment for the adventure angler meet the most intense jungle fishing experience.

Kendjam Iriri, peacock bass, Brazil, Aardvark McLeod

For an insight into the experience, please take a look at our trip report, where we visited before the lodge opened. Click HERE.

Kendjam Iriri, peacock bass, Brazil, Aardvark McLeod

2019 season changes and updates:

  1. The most important and exciting update for the 2019 season is that wooden lodges will be constructed and utilised rather than the current safari tents. They will be twin based rooms.
  2. An outcamp is being constructed for those looking to explore some new and remote water, rather than staying at the main lodge every night.

Want to visit in 2019? The following availability remains:
August 25th – September 1st – 1 rod
September 1st – 8th – 3 rods
September 8th – 15th – 4 rods

2019 Season costs
We can offer the above at a reduced rate of just US$5,850, which includes the national park fee – normal cost for 2019 including the National Park Fee is US$6,780. This also includes the return charter to the jungle airstrip from Manaus, transfers in Manaus, and one night hotel stay in Manaus.

Kendjam Iriri, peacock bass, Brazil, Aardvark McLeod

More information?
We are the only agents in Europe to have visited Kendjam, so don’t leave your trip to chance on the advice front. To find out more please do contact Steffan Jones by email or call the office on +44 (0)1980 847389.