Kendjam 2021 Week 7 Fishing Report

With a full house of American anglers, this week was unbelievable. Another black jaguar sighting is fascinating and seems to have become a regular thing for our guests. On the fishing front, it was a mixed bag of excellent catches. Two Payaras were landed by the musky whisperer himself, Chris Lalli, and on the whole, it was a fly fishing masterclass from all of the group. The girls not only landed some giant wolf fish but also showed off some rather impressive dance moves at our camp party.

We are excited to show our guests some more fantastic fishing in the closing few weeks of the season.

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Kendjam Catches for week 7

Total number of fish landed in the week: 563

Largest Fish for the Species

Wolf Fish: 83cm
Peacock Bass: 64cm
Mantrinxã: 46cm
Pacu Borracha: 46cm
Silver Pacu: 31cm
Bicuda: 87cm
Payara: 89cm

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