Kendjam 2021 Week 9 Fishing Report

With our 2021 season coming almost over, it was great to end on a high. We finished off very strong with a great group of anglers, one from the US, one from Brazil, and two from Sweden. We were greeted by rain on our first night. The following day the fishing was excellent, especially for peacock bass. The largest fish of the day pulled the tape to 66 cm.

The Bicudas were also highly active, and all rods caught plenty using topwater tactics like poppers and crease flies. Our good friend Kevin caught a nice Wolf Fish on a bamboo rod. This was a first for us at Kendjam. It was a great final week, a phenomenal job by all our anglers who made the most of excellent conditions.

Kendjam Catches for week 9

Total number of fish landed in the week: 341

Largest Fish for the Species

Wolf Fish: 80 cm
Peacock Bass: 66 cm
Mantrinxã: 47 cm
Bicuda: 87 cm
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