Xingu Lodge Exploratory, Fishing Report – September 30 – October 7

Throughout the week the weather was very hot, the heat was broken with the odd shower and patch of heavy rain. Temperatures ranged between 32-36°C (during the day) and 20-22°C (at night).

River Conditions:
The water level of the Xingu River fluctuated throughout the week, but only by small amounts of  approximately 10cm. The temperature of the water ranged between 28-30°C and the clarity remained excellent this made for good conditions and active fish.

Fishing Conditions:
Although the week started slowly fishing soon picked up and ended with some superb fishing.
Due to low water the payara were very concentrated but once found were willing to feed hard. Larger and deeper pools held the most fish and proved to be the best fishing spots, the most effective way of covering this form of water was by boat. Anglers enjoyed catching not only payara but also peacock bass, matrinxã, bicuda, and silver pacu.

Fishing Stats:
Number of anglers: 4
Total number of payara landed during the week: 30
Biggest fish landed during the week: 20-pound payara

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Highlight of the Week:
This week payara was the primary target on the Xingu River. Despite the lack of familiarity with this species all of the guests quickly learned to read the water and understand the techniques to catching this amazing fish, successfully landed 30 payara for the week. The average size of these fish was 12 pounds!

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