Arapaima fly fishing Brazil Pirarucu Lodge

Pirarucu Lodge is a unique and ground-breaking model that opens the door to the angling community to access previously unfished water. From its beginnings, each project is developed in complete cooperation with and endorsement by the local communities.

Pirarucu is the first and only exclusive fly-fishing project allowed and supported by the Brazilian Government, focusing on arapaima. What sets Pirarucú apart from other destinations is the number of arapaimas. 

Growing to over 400 lbs, arapaima are one of the worlds largest freshwater fish. They explode into aerial displays when hooked on long runs and surrender only after lengthy battles. Arapaima are often seen gulping air from the surface, and this is a wonderful opportunity to sight fish to a species of this size. While arapaima is the primary focus, three other species can be targeted on fly. 


The season at Pirarucú runs from September to the end of November. The dry season in this part of the Amazon runs from July through January, and this is often when the fishing is best. 


September 19 to 24:
September 26 to Oct 3: (2 spots)
October 31 to November 7: (4 spots)
November 7 to 14: (4 spots)
November 14 to 2: (1 spot)

For more information please email us or phone 01980 847 389.