Xingu Lodge Fishing Report Week 9

Weather: Temperatures were stable this week with slight showers and only one big storm.

Air Temperature: 30-34C (day) 20-22C (night)

Water Temperature: 29 C

River Conditions: The water continues rising on the main river and the tributaries and a lot of colour has been entering the system from the jungle creeks.

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Fishing Conditions

Although peacock bass fishing was slow due to high and cold water, fishing for vampires was a blast. They were very active in most of the pools we covered and especially in the faster water. Oddly enough, a slow retrieve proved the most successful, but even so, moving the fly quickly still triggered some of these fantastic fish. After the rain, the fishing for matrinxa and pacu was excellent as many fish were close to the surface to feed on the fruit and insects that had fallen during the wet weather.

Highlight of the Week

Fishing a new spot for this season, Marcello landed a stunning 92 cm vampire fish which him an amazing fight.

Week 9 Fishing Stats For 8 Rods

Total number of fish landed: 303
Payara Landed: 48 
Largest payara landed in this week: 92 cm 
Peacock Bass: 140 
Matrinxa: 56 
Bicuda: 12 
Corvina: 7
Pacu: 1
Wolfish: 7
Catfish: 7

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