The Autumn steelhead run began towards the end of August this year with a few making there way up through the main Skeena stem and some of our clients at Nicholas Dean Outfitters intercepted the forerunners in the last week of August. This years pink run has been very prolific to the point that Nigel and Elizabeth Taylor had over 50 in a day. Elizabeth landed a cracking 16 lbs fresh chrome steelhead after an epic battle, again on the main stem of the Skeena. The Coho and Sockeye runs also have been strong, especially the sockeye which have proved excellent sport. Mark Pettingell had a great week punctuated by a massive chrome steelhead he hooked in the main Skeena stem that tore down the river and spooled him before busting him off.

All commented on how well Pioneer Lodge has worked this season as the new home for Nicholas Dean Outfitters, and most notably how excellent the food has been. We eagerly wait for last weeks report. For those that have become somewhat disillusioned with our domestic fishing perhaps it could be worth considering a trip to British Columbia next year to experience a wealth of different species and fishing environments.

If you would be interested in further details or logging your interest for next year then please contact Peter, alternatively call our office on +44(0) 1980 847389.