Cameroon, Gassa Camp

There is little doubt that Gassa Camp in Cameroon is one of the most unique and adventurous fly fishing destinations in the world. Targeting trophy Nile perch, tigerfish, and yellowfish in such a large game area is an unbelievable fly fishing experience. The fishery remains relatively unexplored, and there is still much to learn. Since the early exploratory trips in 2018, Nile perch to 150 lbs, tigerfish over 20 lbs and yellowfish up to 15 lbs have all been landed on fly. No doubt, more species are to be discovered and larger fish to be landed. In our ever-decreasing world, being able to be part of a small number of anglers discovering and exploring this part of the world is a rare opportunity.

We are delighted to announce that the area’s fly fishing and conservation efforts have intensified since the first trips in 2018. By partnering with their neighbouring concession owner, Gassa Camp has doubled the amount of water it can cover on the Faro River from 50km to 100km. The ability to access the water upstream from the camp allows the guides to focus on the most productive parts of the river for the conditions and season. It also ensures that the water gets minimal pressure from the four rods able to fish each week.

Cameroon, Nile Perch, Charlotte Chilcott, fishing in Cameroon, Aardvark McLeod

Gassa Camp Fishing

The Cameroon fishing experience is about the whole adventure and encounters with a few great fish in a special place. It’s not about heaps of easy to catch fish. It’s about casting giant flies in the hope of catching a meter long perch, and there’s an excellent chance you’ll achieve that and more. The biggest perch landed on fly has bottomed out a 100kg scale.

Serious perch fishing takes place almost exclusively at night. Night fly fishing has its charm and is very much a part of what makes the fishing even more unforgettable. Standing under the starlight, alone in the African wilderness, is a raw experience that’s wild in every sense. It may seem scary at first, but the risk from wildlife while fishing is extremely low and the guides and staff will be close at hand and run over to help the moment you hook up to a fish.

The daylight fishing hours are spent chasing other species. There are abundant tigerfish and the West African or Sahelian tigerfish, one of three tigerfish species in the river. These are very aggressive fish that grow to at least 8kg. The water is very clear, so often you will be sight fishing. One of the most rewarding species is the Niger barb. These eat a well presented dry fly or nymph but are temperamental and a handful when hooked on the light tippet. Other species that take a fly include cyprinids, tetras and numerous species of catfish. Anything can happen during your time on the river.

Cameroon, Nile Perch, Charlotte Chilcott, fishing in Cameroon, Aardvark McLeod

2022 Availability

16 – 24 Jan 2022 1 rod
13 – 21 Feb 2022: 4 rods
11 – 18 March 2022: 4 rods

There are some exceptional discount on the remaining 2022 weeks, so please contact us for more information.

2023 Availability

8 – 16 Jan 2023: 4 rods
15 – 23 Jan 2023: 4 rods
5 – 13 Feb 2023: 2 rods
12 – 20 Feb  2023: 4 rods
5 – 13 March 2023: 4 rods
12 – 20 March 2023: 4 rods
7 – 14 April 2023: 4 rods
14 – 21 April 2023: 4 rods

If you would like to hold space or get more details, please contact Charlotte Chilcott. Alternatively call the office on to +44(0)1980 847389 for more details.  Charlotte’s trip report is available HERE.