Just another great week to be at Camp Bonaventure! The fishing keeps getting better and better. It’s just one of those year you dream about, perfect water levels, just the right amount of rain and loads of salmon. So far everything about 2015 has been great lets hope it continues. Along with last week’s rain the new moon gave us the high tides to bring another run of fresh salmon. Combined it was the recipe for a wonderful week of fishing! Everybody at camp landed salmon, needless to say we had a group of very happy anglers.

For more details please about Camp Bonaventure or Salmon Lodge contact us or call on ++44 1980 847389.

 Atlantic Salmon Federation President Bill Taylor puts a nice one back on the Petite Cascapedia. Nice fish Bill !

The rain last week maintained our rivers at perfect levels. The Bonaventure is at a great level and the water temperatures are perfect, especially for dry fly fishing. The bony literally has fish in ever pool and our lower pools continue to produce fish on a daily basis.  The Petite Cascapedia is fishing very well and we haven’t missed in over a week. Fresh fish are running and most of the pools are holding good numbers of fresh salmon. The Grand Cascapedia is fishing very well and the rain has maintained water levels and temperatures.. So far it’s been a great season at both our lodges. We are looking forward to another great
week on the river. With the nunber of salmon we have August and September should be excellent.

John Swan with his first Bonaventure fish of the year, congratulations John!

The ammunition of choice this week were bombers, especially the Green and Dark Brown patterns. Wets also did very well and the top ones for the week were the Nagli, Silver Rat and blue charm Davie McPhail’s piglet patterns are out of tis world, not only do they look great the sure can catch fish.

Françoise Duchense with her first salmon of the year, Nice fish Francoise!

For more details please about Camp Bonaventure or Salmon Lodge contact us or call on ++44 1980 847389.