Spring is well and truly here, birdsong is filling the hedgerows and the trees are growing more and more leaves by the day. With the Easter holidays upon us why not take the time to venture to the river for the first chalkstream fly fishing outing of the season.

Avon Brown Trout, Chalkstream Fly fishing

The chalkstream rivers are looking great, although a touch more rain wouldn’t be a bad thing, and the fly life is in full swing. Large clouds of grannom could be seen along the river bank and the first hawthorn flies could be found hovering over the meadows. Trout can be found happily rising across the valleys waiting to torment the next angler in their pursuit.

I have spent some time over the last week walking the banks of our fisheries and there is much evidence that the keepers have been very active during the winter months. There are new bridges and signs of others being repaired, styles to help negotiate tricky fences and lots of instream structures enhancing flows and generally improving the chalkstream habitat. The relatively mild winter has helped with many of these tasks. All the river banks are fairly dry a sure sign of the lack of rainfall we have experienced over the last few months and everything is looking very good at the moment. Some areas are starting to show signs of renewed weed growth which will help hold water levels as we approach the summer. Rain or lack of it over the last winter might well be a cause for concern later in the year.

River Anton, Aardvark McLeod

What a fabulous year for the Blackthorn blossom which now is beginning to fade as the valleys become ever more verdant. It surely will not be long now before the first Martins arrive followed by Swallows, what better way to experience the awakening of the countryside than by spending a day by the river and casting a fly to a rising trout. If you are itching to get out on the water then do not miss these great early season openings on the Westover Estate on the River Anton:

Tuesday 11th April: 1 or 2 rods
Wednesday 12th April: 1 – 4 rods
Thursday 13th April: 1 or 2 rods
Friday 14th April: 1 – 6 rods
Tuesday 18th April: 1 – 6 rods
Wednesday 19th April: 1 – 4 rods
Thursday 20th April: 1 or 2 rods
Friday 21st April: 1 or 2 rods
Tuesday 25th April: 1 or 2 rods
Wednesday 26th April: 1 – 4 rods
Thursday 27th April: 1 or 2 rods
Friday 28th April: 1 – 6 rods
Sunday 30th April: 1 – 4 rods

Looking to take the whole family or your son and/or daughter then contact us for family offers throughout the season.

For more availability or to book one of these days please do not hesitate to contact Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.