On the surface, the chalkstreams often appear a calm and sedate place, but under the surface it is quite a different story. Brown trout and grayling thrive in the swift flows and nutrient rich clear waters, but venture into the deeper parts and there is another fish that lies in weight, the pike.

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Pike are the apex predator in freshwater, they are masters of stealth and camouflage. They have the ability to remain hidden for long periods of time, before moving with stunning speed and ferocity to take their prey.

Pike fly fishing, river Test

Over recent years they have gained a cult-like status amongst some anglers, whilst others still shy away from them. They were for a long time persecuted for attacking trout, but we have since learnt that pike offer an important part of a healthy chalkstream environment. They are now able to flourish alongside brown trout and grayling.

Pike fly fishing, river Test

Bait fishing has always been the preferred method for pike, with lure fishing coming a close second. With the growth in dedicated anglers there is now a better understanding on how to target them with fly tackle, with some anglers even tempting fish of over 30 lbs on the fly.

The chalkstream rivers, including the River Test, offer a fantastic location to target pike on the fly. The clearwaters make it possible to sight fish to specific fish at times, and nearly all takes are entirely visible as the fish lazily follow before exploded forward and engulfing the fly.

This winter we will be offering a limited number of guided trips on the middle River Test for pike. These days will be a great way to discover pike fishing or to finesse your current methods.

2022/23 Cost:
£735 for up to four rods with one guide.

Additional rods and guides can be supplied.

2022/23 Winter Availability:
Four days remaining this winter with good availability inJanuary and February.

Pike flies and leaders are included and setups can be provided by prior arrangement.

UK fishing, chalkstream, pike, pike fishing, UK fishing guides, River Test

If you have a fishing friend or family member who may enjoy one of these days it is also possible for us to do personalised Gift Vouchers.

For more information please contact Alex Jardine or Olly Thompson call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.