The days are starting to lengthen and the trout season will soon be on us. The long wet winter may have been pretty miserable but has been a good thing for our chalkstream aquifers which have been effected by recent low water years. Most rivers will be starting the season in April with high water that we expect will last well into the summer.

River Avon, Chalkstream, Aardvark McLeod

Chalkstream Fly Fishing in April

April days are always filled with anticipation as to what the new chalkstream season will bring. The hope is for settled spring conditions and no sign of the dreaded North-Easterly winds.

On the more spring like days hatches of large dark olives start to show, these are a resilient fly type that do not mind the early season cooler conditions so long as there is no cold wind present.

From the second week in April it pays to be observant for grannom that often show once the temperature increases around mid-morning. As the month progresses and warmer days become more frequent the first of the hawthorn flies start dance around the bushes set along the river bank. The hawthorn can last into May and sometimes longer but this can be a fickle hatch. The ideal conditions tend to be dry days with a gentle breeze to blow the fly onto the water.

Westfair, River Anton, Aardvark McLeod

Chalkstream Fly Fishing in May

May is a wonderful month to fish with dry fly sport reaching its peak for the season. Given the right conditions the hawthorn should still be around for the first couple of weeks with the trout being well accustomed to the hatch. On cooler blustery days, iron blues can make up for the lack of hawthorn.

From the second half of May you can expect to see the mayfly in full swing. Early in the hatch the trout can be unfamiliar with these large cumbersome flies, this soon changes, and it isn’t long before the fish tuck into the feast of the season. The best of the mayfly madness lasts several weeks and even in poor weather you can still have some excellent mayfly sport.

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Chalkstream Fly Fishing in June

The delights of the mayfly hatch normally continue into the first week of June, and longer on some of the rivers, but this soon tapers off into a host of other interesting events.

Throughout June hatches of various types of olives, pale watery’s, medium sedges and caenis are prevalent. With this wide variety of fly showing the fish are often more selective in June which can make for some technical fishing. At times the fish will not only zone into a specific fly type but also a specific stage in that hatch. It is important to be observant and change fly regularly if you are not having success. With the days being longer it can pay to stay on the river later to make to most of any potential evening hatches.

Compton Chamberlayne, River Nadder, Aardvark McLeod

We are delighted to offer an ever increasing range of domestic fly fishing options throughout the chalk belt of Southern England. Whether you are a single angler, a group of friends or are looking for a professionally organised corporate day why not join us for a memorable time on the water this season.

If you would like more information about chalkstream fly fishing please contact Olly Thompson or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.